Fragrance and the nose

The nose is a cavity designed to moisten, filter and sense or smell the air that we take in.

The air passes through the nasal cavity and over a thick layer of mucus underneath which lie the olfactory cells. Chemicals pass or diffuse through this mucus and then stimulate the underlying cells, which send messages to the brain about what it is that you are smelling. The mucus not only allows chemicals to reach the olfactory cells, but also protects them from drying out and damage.

What we smell is often referred to as an odour; an unpleasant odour may be referred to as a stench, whilst a pleasant one may be termed a fragrance.

The perfume industry spends many millions of pounds each year designing new perfumes and fragrances for men and women. The wine industry is obsessed with the bouquet of a wine, plant breeders go to enormous lengths to create flowers that add scent as well as beauty to the garden.

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